Family photos in Muswell Hill

Meet Ben & Theo

These gorgeous & fun boys live in Muswell Hill with mum and dad. I went to their home to take some family photos indoors and in the garden and we had a great time. Ben is a bundle of energy keeping his parents on their toes and little Ben is a proper little cuddle bear. Ben had lots of fun jumping on the sofa, blowing dandy lions and cuddling his baby brother. Theo preferred to cuddle with mummy for most of the session and gave me some very inquisitive looks. What a happy little family.

Little boy jumping on the sofa litte boy jumping on the sofa Mum and son lying in the grass and smiling at each other  Baby boy looking at the camera while mum kisses his forehead Baby boy giggling in mummies arms Boy blowing a dandy lion Family photo in the living room Family photo with boy laughing at the camera Little boy sitting on sofa