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Hi, I’m Beatrix

Wedding nut, photographer, mum

I’ve always been a wedding nut. I organised my sister’s ‘do’ and photographed most of my friends’ weddings. My own wedding to hubby Stefan was a massive party over a weekend, featuring two castles, a Mini and some funny German traditions.

London wedding photographer with empathy

While some folk love the dresses, the flowers, or the food, I’m fascinated by the people. All those expressive faces and joyful interactions; I can’t get enough of it! Dads with tears of pride, all-embracing bear hugs from the best mate, excited squeezes from the girls, hats adjusted, cuffs straightened, a stolen kiss between the couple, and the curious child peeking out from under the tablecloth. And laughter. Always lots and lots of laughter. Why wouldn’t I make being a wedding photographer my main line of business?

Let’s say I like to be embedded in the day, rather than hovering around the edge. I don’t tell guests where to stand, just as they are catching up with friends. I use my empathy to spot the best unguarded shots.

Bride hugging her maid of honour - London wedding photographer

Heatfelt speeches thanking David’s parent’s don’t leave dry eyes

Nephew of the bride looking at the wedding ring - London wedding photographer

Fun family photographer

What can follow weddings? Children! I love taking relaxed family photos too, especially of a previous wedding couple. Not the fixed-grin and neatly combed hair variety, but natural shots that capture little ones having fun, or a ponder, or looking in wonder. I’m ready to get on my hands and knees to explore the world from their viewpoint – you never know what is going to happen next. (I’m not afraid to get down and dirty on wedding shoots either – if it’s on a farm, I’ll bring my wellies).

I’m a mum too

My own little ones – daughter Eliza and son Elliot – fill my spare time at the moment! You can probably spot them on my instagram when I’m off duty. And, when we get the chance, Stefan and I love going to a concert in the evening – live music was one of London’s big attractions when we chose it as home.


Secret dancer

My hidden superpower? Ballroom dancing and the Argentine tango, which I taught for more than five years at Studio LaDanza in Islington. I’d help wedding couples (straight and same sex) learn how to take their first dance in style, and then take photos on the day.

London lover

The final word goes to London, where I moved right after uni. Why? Because I love this city! I love the culture and diversity, and the open-mindedness of the people around me. I’ve taken loads of photos for joyous same-sex weddings and I love what that says about my home town. Interactions abound.

Grooms strolling through Camden Passage with a cool looking passerby

So, take a look at my work and see my reviews on Facebook. Interested? Get in touch for a chat about how I can capture the joy, excitement and love of your wedding day, and new family.

Email hi@beatrixfuhrmann.co.uk or call 07758 883864.